Thursday, January 20, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - What's Behind Door #1?

For me, my closet is one of the hardest things to keep clean and organized. Not only do I just have too much stuff in there, but I just can't seem to keep everything hung up and off the floor. I'm convinced that a trip to The Container Store could cure my bad habits, however I don't think my husband would agree.

What do your closets look like? Something like this maybe...

One more coat could cause a collapse! These closet bars are too long and do not have enough support holding them up.

Hint: Mixed matched hangers make a closet look even more messy. If you want to get a cleaner look, trying buying all the same hangers.

The number one thing you should do is just get rid of some stuff!

Another saggy middle

Now let's take a look at some organized closets and I will give you some helpful hints on how to make your closet look super organized.

Rolled up jeans take up less room and look neater. Folded sweaters look great when they are grouped by color.

Clear boxes are great for storing shoes. You can stack them and it's keeps them dust free. Not mention you can actually see what's inside because they're clear!

If you have the budget, go for a custom closet. You can do this through The Container Store and California Closets.

For a less expensive option, Ikea has some great closet systems. You will just have to put it all together yourself!

Bins and baskets keep things contained and organized.

Have some fun with your closet. These pretty mirrored doors add some interest and keep the closet looking neater when they are closed.

Try hanging bags and purses on hooks to keep them from piling up in the corner.

A great closet system. There is a place for everything!

This is a great example of a small closet and just making your own closet system with some inexpensive shelves. You can find shelves like these at Target.

For those of you with tiny closets, it can be very difficult to keep it organized. The first rule is don't try to overstuff it! If you have too many clothes for your closet, try putting them other places. Plastic bins for sweaters can be slid under the bed. Shoes can hang on the back of the closet door. Sometimes, you just have to get really creative!

A great example of a tiny kid's closet. Boxes and bins keep everything in it's place.

Very cool idea for shoe storage in a tiny closet. These pull out drawers and shoe racks can be found at Ikea.

Cute idea for kids closet. I love the little locker drawers.
Have some fun and line your closet with some fun wallpaper. Also, over the door shoe hangers make tiny closets more efficient.

To make your closet look more organized, group clothing by type and color. This makes it easy to find things in a small closet. Also, notice all the matching hangers.

Okay, enough of the tiny closets. Let's take a trip down daydream drive and see how the celebrities do it. These are some fabulous closets!

Ahhh my dream closet!!

Very nice! Keeps everything very neat and simple because there are doors on everything.

Fabulous! Mariah Carey's closet is to die for!

I love how this closet feels like a retail store. You can go shopping in your own closet without spending any money!

A very unique closet.

Glam closet!

A super cute girly closet!

You can get tired looking at all those shoes so why not lie down on your pink chaise!

Well for most of us, these closets will just be a dream in our head but we can do one thing. We can keep our closets clean and organized and that will make a big difference. If you have the budget, invest in a closet system. Check out Ikea for some cheaper options.

The best advice I can give is:

1: Go through your closet and get rid of everything you don't wear.
2: Invest in matching hangers
3: Buy some bins or baskets to keep things contained and stackable
4: Group clothing by type and color

Happy organizing!!!



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