Monday, January 24, 2011

Pull up a Seat

The dining room has changed a lot of the years. Nowadays, people like to mix it up. Gone are the days where everyone had a matching 5 piece dining room set with matching chairs.
People have become very creative when it comes to dining room seating. From benches to banquettes, anything goes!

These cubes with sheepskin throws look very chic all lined up.

If you want to accomplish a more custom look, one of the easiest things to do is switch out your two end chairs for something different.

Another great way to mix it up is add slip covers to your chairs. These can be completely custom and you can easily throw them in the wash if they get dirty.

Metal chairs look really cool and industrial. Try mixing them with some upholstered chairs to soften the look up if you want.

It can also look great to mix modern with antique. Check out the rooms below for a great eclectic display.

Modern chairs with rustic table.

Modern table with antique chairs.

Farmhouse chairs with more modern table.

A great option to use instead of chairs on all sides is a banquette. These can be built-ins or you can just use a settee.

I love the mix of more traditional shaped banquette with modern metal chairs. The only thing that I am kinda not crazy about is the scale of the chairs with the banquette. For some reason I just think those chairs look extra squatty with that tall back banquette.


I love this idea! Set up your table like a restaurant with two tables and banquette all around. So much fun.

Try a curved banquette for a round table.

I like this antique sofa used as a banquette. Not too sure how practical it would be though because you can really scoot it in and out very easily.

This is a very cool modern banquette. Love!

If you are tight on space, try building in a banquette, that way you can have more seating in a smaller space.

Love this!!

Perfect. I love the sconces mounted on the cabinets.

A great option to provide additional seating without taking up too much visual space is a bench.
I love this dining room! The cushion is a great option to add comfort for your guests.

Or try pillows to make things a little more fun.

This is a great example of using benches. These low profile benches are great because they don't block the beautiful view out the windows the way chairs would have.

A modern looking bench.

Very cool mix of chairs with a bench. If you like this table, it looks to be the Big Sur table from Crate and Barrel.

Benches are also great for kids and casual dining.

To add some pop to your dining room, try painting your chairs a fun color.

These french chairs are brought into the 21st century with this bright red paint!

If you are wary of painting the whole chair a bright color, try just painting the legs.

Beautiful room.

This is a super fun dining room! I love all the bright colors.

Update those old farm country chairs with some fresh paint.

Sometimes, it can be hard to make up your mind on which dining room chairs to buy, so why not buy some of each of your favorites!

I love this dining room with the mixed chairs!

Very cool shabby chic dining room.

Very unique way of mixing modern chairs for dining room seating.

A rustic country dining. Very casual and inviting!

You can even paint all your different chairs the same colors to make the table more cohesive.
I love Sarah Jessica Parker's dining room chairs. They remind me of cool silhouette art they way they are all painted black.

Another modern mix

Love! I could spend a lot of time in this room!

If you don't want to have all different chairs but still want to keep things interesting. Try using the same chair but in all different colors.

This looks like a perfect place to gather with friends. Colorful and fun!

Very cool colorful scoop chairs.

I love this! Metal chairs painted different colors but still the same hue.

Each one doesn't have to be a different color. Try just throwing one or two into the mix.

I love these! Very slightly different shades of the same color.

Very fun, pick a color any color!

And then lastly, you can always just try all of the above!

Antique and modern, mixed chairs, different end chairs, banquette and bright colors!

Who's ready for a dining room makeover? I know I am! I think it's time to get sewing and painting. Maybe I will add fun slip covers, or build a banquette. The options are endless!



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