Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Break the Rules

White after labor day? Shoes that don't match our handbags?
Wearing black and brown together?

These are just a few examples of the many old fashion rules that demand to be broken today. Wearing black and brown together can look fabulous.
Since the fashion world has been liberated, why can't the interior world be free as well? Many people have been led to believe that mixing wood finishes and mixing metals is an absolute no. Well, I am here to tell you that it is a big YES!!!

Let's start with wood finishes. Just because your coffee table is a nice dark espresso stain, doesn't mean every other piece of furniture needs to be the same stain. If everything looks the same, than nothing stands out. All you see is BLAH BORING!

Mixing wood finishes is OK. I promise. Take a look at these fabulous interiors. Count how many different wood finishes are used in each space.

I love this room. There is a lot going on but it all works so well together. The mirror, chairs, table and floor are all different wood finishes. The use of multiple wood finishes in the space creates an eclectic look.

How many different stains do you see in this space? Well, the floor is a nice raw wood color, the table is a darker medium tone and then those chairs are whitewashed. Fabulous!

A lot of people think when selecting furniture for their living room that the sofa or chair legs need to match the same finish as their coffee table. Not so. This is a great example of mixing finishes and creating a more eclectic style.

These beams are gorgeous! If all the wood in the room was the same color, the beams wouldn't stand out as much.

Not only is it perfectly acceptable to mix your wood finishes, mixing metals looks great as well! It is true for fashion and for interiors.

Check out Kim's awesome gold earrings, but wait, is that a silver cuff on her wrist? Fabulous!

This is a good example of mixing metals and wood finishes. There are 3 types of metals that I can see. The brass in the chandelier, the bronze in the pendants and the stainless in the vent hood. Notice all the different wood finishes. The flooring, table and chairs are all a different finish. This room is flawless. I just love it!

Just because you have stainless appliances, doesn't mean your cabinet hardware must be stainless. This is a great example of how the gold and stainless look great together!

Again, gold pendants with stainless appliances.

Notice the silver chair frame with the bronze coffee table. Looks great!

Just because you have stainless appliances does not mean that you have to have satin nickel hardware, plumbing fixtures or light fixtures.

This kitchen has 3 different metals going on. The copper vent hood, stainless cooktop and faucet and bronze hardware. This is a great kitchen!

Brass faucet with bronze hardware.

Check out this fabulous kitchen! I love the gold cabinet hardware mixed with the stainless appliances and the black/bronze light fixture.

Well, hopefully by now you realize that it is okay to mix woods and mix metals in your interior spaces. It can look amazing and really put together well. It can be scary to mix things when you aren't quite confident in your own design eye. That's where we come in! If you need help just email us your pictures and questions Jessica_studiob@suddenlinkmail.com

"There are no rules here, we are trying to accomplish something."
Thomas A. Edison

~Jessica & Hannah


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