Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where's the Couch?

I was never really good at following the rules. Yesterday we talked about breaking some of those traditional rules that people think they have to follow and today is no different.

When you think of a living room, what piece of furniture comes to mind? The sofa. The sofa is the most common piece of furniture that goes into a living room. But what happens when you take that sofa away? You get something fabulous like this:

Using only chairs in a living room instead of the typical three piece sofa, loveseat and chair makes for a great look. Placing four chairs in a circle around a table is great for conversation, much better than sitting side by side on a sofa.

This look is not for everyone. You really need to decide what the main function of the space will be. If the room is for TV watching than a sofa is better because it allows for more seats facing the TV. Also, you can cuddle up to your loved one and watch a movie.

If the function of the space is more for receiving guests and conversation, then a cluster of chairs is a better option. People typically don't like to sit next to other people. You can observe this in any waiting room. People will spread out and sit all over the room. How many times have you sat down in a crowded movie theater but still sat one seat over from the stranger with the popcorn? I know I always leave a buffer seat wherever I go!

Also, the circle grouping is better for conversation. It allows for everyone to see everyone without turning your head the side, which can quickly become a pain in the neck!

Another reason to use only chairs is if you have a smaller sitting area or an odd shape. It's easier to arrange chairs than it is to place a sofa and an odd shaped room. It also allows for more options in arranging. The chairs are easier to move around so you can transform the room as needed for different functions.

Let's take a look at some really fabulous rooms none of which have a traditional sofa.



So what do you think? Thinking about swapping out that old sofa for some really awesome chairs? I know I am! I love antiques and I always seem to find funky chairs but can never find anywhere to put them. Next project will be to rearrange my living room and use only chairs. I will let you know how it goes!



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