Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY Friday - Art & Accessories

Art and accessories are very important to the aesthetics of a space. But if you are like me, you like to constantly change what's on your walls and this can get very expensive. So, I found the solution to be is to create my own art and accessories for my home.

I want to share with you some very easy do it yourself art projects. The first are from my home so sorry that the pictures aren't that great, you can thank my iphone.

One of the easiest things to do is simply framing pages from a book. Botanical prints are really trendy right now and the prices for these pieces can get high. I never like to spend money on something that I think I can do myself so I went to Half Priced Books in Dallas and found some old Botany books and Animal Encyclopedias and framed pages from them.

This is from an old insect and bug book that I found. I just framed the illustrations on one side with the description on the other. That way, visitors can read about the different types of butterflies.

A while back I had seen this fabulous sketch of coral sea fans that were framed beautifully at Anthropologie. If I remember correctly, they were over $500/ piece. So, what do I decide to do, make them myself.

Originally I was going to use the real sea fan as a stencil and spray paint over it onto the paper to get a really cool abstract pattern but once I got them in the mail I decided they were way too cool to do that to. So, I simply bought some shadow boxes at Hobby Lobby, had some mat board cut in a fun pop of color and framed them in my living room.

They turned out so good that I did the same thing in my bedroom!

Accessories can get expensive too if you like to switch them up all the time. Here's a little project I did for a table scape over the Holidays.

I bought felted wool, which is actually quite pricey so you can try to find old wool sweaters at thrift stores and use those too. They just have to be 100% wool. All I did was cut out a tree and stitch it together with contrasting thread. Once finished, simply slip in a styrofoam cone that you can buy at any craft store. Tip: leave the plastic on the cone so the wool won't catch on the styrofoam.

You can buy cones in all different sizes like I did to create your only little winter forest.

Ok, here is some real inspiration from other bloggers out there. Enjoy!

Sweet Spot shows how using a board game can make for some really easy art pieces.

Very cool idea to let your kids make the art for your space.

This is really easy, just find a stencil that you like and trace on fun patterned paper. Use deco-page to adhere to canvas. Ashley Ann Photography

I love this idea! Creating your own silhouettes is very easy with these step by step instructions from Apartment Therapy

Pick your picture and blow it up to these size you want to use.

Cut out the shape you want.

Trace onto fun paper or you can just use black for a classic silhouette look.

Pick some fun paper for the background and frame it all together.

Ta da!
I'm definitely going to try this for my next project.

Cool idea from Third Floor Design Studio to use place mats to create a statement art piece.

I really love this art from decor8. So simple but the bold repetition of the pattern looks fabulous!

She printed a stencil the size that she wanted to use.

Pinned it into place on the canvas.

and Paint! For more detailed instructions check out decor8

These shadow boxes look great painted this fun color and holding found objects.

This has got to be the easiest thing you can do. Go to your local craft store, pick out some fun paper in different patterns and frame them all in matching frames to hang in a grid on the wall. Very cool and very inexpensive!

Do you have a husband who is a hunter and insists that he get to hang his deer heads? Well, have no fear, you CAN make it look good by hanging a really cool funky frame around it.

Well, I hope this gives you some ideas to try out this weekend. Do you have any other cool ideas to add? Let us know, we want to hear from you!



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