Thursday, March 3, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - Curb Appeal

With the new animated movie Knomeo & Juliet recently out, I imagine kids will be begging their parents for a little yard creature of their own to place out in the garden. Stay strong parents and just say no!

Today is all about the front yard. I don't know what these people are thinking! I'm sure you have that one house in your neighborhood that makes you cringe every time you drive by. For me, it's two houses down on the right and they have a big foot statue in their front yard! Now, it's not life-size or anything, but still very tacky.

Yikes, the gnomes are invading!

I don't understand why people think it looks good to plant flowers in an old clawfoot in the front yard. I think it just looks like it was too heavy to move off the property so you just left it there and tried to make it look pretty which really has about the same effect as putting a bow on top of a dirty toilet.

Flower "bed", you thought you were so clever when you did this didn't you?

Little door for the little gnome that roams your garden.

Just tacky


The loch ness monster has left the lake and inhabited your neighbors front yard.

Yes, because dolphins do live in the grass.

A little too patriotic.

The jungle in miniature for your enjoyment. Is that Mufasa?

Good vs. evil flamingos

Ok, so tacky lawn art isn't the only problem when it comes to curb appeal. Another problem is the landscaping. Yards that are overgrown look very uninviting and tell people that you don't maintain things very well.

That huge cedar needs to be trimmed down. Also, those shrubs are coming up and blocking some of the windows.

Approach if you dare...

Looks abandoned, a good way to keep salespeople away but not the homeless.

Beautiful flowers but very overgrown, you can't even see the house.

Very un-proportional.

Now, don't go to the other extreme and have a bare front yard:

Great house but where's the landscaping?

This house needs some shrubs around the front to add some life to the house. Looks bare.

Just a big mess. Needs some maintenance.

And now for the grand finale....the mail box!

Seriously, what were these people thinking!!??
Do you have that one tacky house in your neighborhood, or that house that you drive by on the way to work in the morning that hurts your eyes? Send me a picture of it and I'll post them!



lifeshighway said...

I love your photo collection, you should come and play with us!

Anonymous said...

I used to have neighbors across the street who would put two old toilets out in their front yard every summer and plant them with petunias.

Studio B Designs said...

Wow, I wonder where the toilets went for the rest of the year?

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