Friday, March 25, 2011

DIY Friday: Just Stencil It!

Do you have bland walls in your home? Is every room in your house painted the same color? Have you considered hanging wall paper but don't want to go to the expense or mess? If you answered YES to any of these questions then STENCILING is the right choice for you!

Stenciling Walls

Cutting Edge Stencils has the most fabulous stencils I have ever seen. I absolutely love the patterns and different styles they offer to choose from. These stencils below are from Cutting Edge Stencils. You can also find stencils on

This shows you how easy it really is. It's also a lot of fun!
I love this pattern. This could go anywhere in your home. Bedroom, Bathroom, Dining room, Living room, etc... This looks just like a wallpaper.

LOVE THIS! This would be so cute in a nursery or young girls room. Heck, I would like it in my room! The cool thing about this design is that it can be fun and playful or change the color scheme and it can be classy and sophisticated.

Click here for simple instructions on how to stencil walls.

Click here to learn how to stencil all over patterns, including corners.

Here are a few examples of really great rooms that have fabulous stenciled walls.

Stenciling Fabric

This is a great way to customize your home decor to match your specific style.

This is definitely on my to do list. I have been searching for the perfect drapery for my guest bedroom. I want a lot of pattern and color. Can't find it so I am going to make my own. I'll post pictures once I'm finished.
The good thing about stenciling drapery is that you can buy a small stencil and repeat the design, which cost a lot less than a larger patterned stencil.

Ah! These look great! I love them

If you already own a ton of acrylic paints and do not want to invest in additional paints specifically formulated for fabric, you can buy one bottle of textile medium. Simply add textile medium to your acrylic paints in equal parts and you are ready to fabric paint. Make sure to read the manufacturer's instructions before you begin your project.

Stenciling Floors

This looks amazing! It has a very rich and expensive look. This can easily be done with a little time and effort.
LOVE this color palette and pattern.

Click here to learn how to paint and stencil concrete floors.

Click here to learn how to paint and stencil wood floors.

Check out this blog I found: Under The Sycamore. This is an example of a woman who painted and stenciled her wood subfloor. Very cool!

Stenciling Supplies

Also things to consider:
  • Painters Tape (low-tack)
  • Drop Cloth
  • Level
  • Stencil brushes
  • Paint
  • Plate or palette
  • Paper towels
All of these supplies can be found at your local craft store. Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry all of these products.


My husband and I bought our new house 6 months ago. Every room in the entire house is painted the same color. Luckily, I really like the color. It is Sherwin Williams, Camelback SW 6122. I wanted to spice a few areas of my house up but didn't want to go to the expense or effort of painting each room. So... I started googling different painted wall techniques and fell in love with stenciling!

I feel in love with this stencil. It looks very similar to a wallpaper I had seen but I did not want to go through the fuss of wallpapering so instead I stenciled. I bought this stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Here is step-by-step the process I went through to stencil the entry into my master bedroom.

First, I removed the electrical plates and thermostat cover. Then I wiped down the walls and baseboard with a damp cloth.
Second, I taped (you could also use the spray adhesive) the stencil where I wanted it and used a level to make sure it was level.

Third, I started dabbing away. I did not use a roll brush, but you can if you choose. I would do a sample area on cardboard or newspaper to make sure you lines are as crisp as you'd like.

Getting around the thermostat was a bit tricky but I managed. If you face this same situation I just held the stencil in place and painted a little at a time. You'll figure it out.

Finished Product... Drum Roll Please......

I am really happy with how it turned out. It adds the perfect touch to our house. The 2 colors I used were, Sherwin Williams, SW 6122 Camelback (existing color) and Sherwin Williams, SW6120 Believable Buff.

Hopefully this blog inspires you to do something with those bland walls in your house. If you choose to tackle this project I would love to see pictures. Email them to us and we will post them next week.

Have a fantastic weekend. I hear the weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!!


Morgan @ said...

Wow, the curtains and closet wall both look great!! I love what you've done and I love stencils, Cutting Edge Stencils is one of my favorites.

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Stencil Paining said...

Really nice to c this..!!! fantastic work...

flooring Houston said...

These days, it is not only the floors that are being stenciled but floors as well. This adds a more personalized touch to a home as well as adding protection to the structure. Looking at the samples above, one can tell that this type of project is doable. Thanks for the inspiration!

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