Thursday, March 24, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - Clean Up on Aisle 5

We all have had those moments where we have to run to the grocery store to pick up something and we really don't feel like getting dressed and putting make-up on. I know I have been to grocery store in my pj college. Let's face it, the grocery store is still a public place and it is not acceptable to go in your jammies.

For some reason, people seem to think that it's ok to go the grocery store looking like a wreck, that it doesn't really count. Well, I am here to tell you that it most definitely counts! I mean, how many times have you run into someone that you really didn't want to see and there you are in sweats, no make-up and hair all awry.

Take just a little time to put on some decent clothes before you hit the supermarket.
And don't wear socks with sandals.

You don't have to get all gussied up but a little powder and some mascara goes a long way. You can also still wear comfortable clothing that is acceptable for the public.

Here are just a few pieces that would be totally appropriate to wear to the store but still be comfortable and stylish at the same time:

Super comfy, denim boyfriend shorts paired with cardigan and flats.
Old Navy

Super cute boyfriend denim capris and sandals. Throwing on a scarf adds some color and makes your outfit look put together in just a snap.
Old Navy

Ann Taylor Loft has some great lounge pieces that can be worn around the house and to the grocery store.

Ann Taylor Loft

Athleta has some really cute active clothes for every sport and everything is made stylish and cute enough to wear out and about.

I love this hoodie from Anthropologie.

This would look so cute with some black yoga pants or with some loose denim boyfriend jeans.

Ok so I am sure that none of you would go to the store looking like these next people but it was just so funny that I had to throw them in.

You can thank People of Walmart for these next photos:

So next time you are about to run out the door to the grocery store, just stop and think, if I run into my Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend is this what I want to look like? Pause, comb your hair, put on some mascara and lip gloss and change out of your pajamas!!


Rebecca Gibbs @ gibbgabb said...

oh my goodness! Those last pics are just tooo much! hahaha...thanks for sharing

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