Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fresh Squeezed - Eco Fireplaces

The new trend in fireplaces is bio ethanol. They are super cool and are planet friendly. "EcoSmart Fireplaces are fuelled by bio ethanol, a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products which burns clean - no smoke, no harmful emissions. Bio ethanol is completely composed of plant products resulting in a neutral ecological balance. The combustion of bio ethanol produces Heat Steam and Carbon Dioxide. Bio Ethanol is absolute alcohol also called Denatured Alcohol."

"Bio-ethanol - or simply ‘ethanol’ is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products - mainly sugarcane and crops like grain, using yeast. It is also made from corn, potatoes, milk, rice, beetroot and recently grapes, banana and dates depending on the countries agricultural strength."

I love them because they can be put anywhere and you can move it if you want to re-arrange your room like I do.

Brandoni Gritti Rollo. Made of light oak, the fireplace starts as an elliptical shape at its base, traveling upwards to a nearly round form. The product, which runs on plant-based bio ethanol, is available in two sizes.

Cool wall mounted fireplaces
They can be used Outdoors too!
Fire & Water
These are from

Another feature is aromatherapy. "The available Spa Kit contains essential oils that vaporize into the environment after being warmed up by flames. Upon reaching the optimum temperature, water vapor molecules combine with the active oil particles and are absorbed into our body not only while breathing but also through the skin. The process of natural convection spreads the heated, saturated with oil particles air evenly in the entire room. Thanks to this phenomenon we can now undergo aromatherapy not only is spa areas but also at home or even at work."

They are built into furniture as well. Check out

Examples of built-in eco fireplaces:

More Inspiring Pictures:

Send us a picture if you have one! ~ Brandy


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