Friday, March 11, 2011

Rock-A-Bye Baby....

In honor of my sister Erica being pregnant with her first baby, I thought it would be appropriate to do a blog over fabulous nurseries. Not to mention that I am going to be an Aunt for the first time! And... Drum Roll.... IT'S A BOY!!!

Lets take a look at some of my top favorite nurseries:

This nursery screams "Cool". I just love all the patterns and color palette.

This is so sweet. The butterflies on the wall and ceiling add so much texture to the small space. This nursery is so whimsical.

I like how they used the animal decal on the wall. They went with a typical theme, but in a non-typical way. Great color palette.

This nursery makes grey and pink my new favorite colors.

I absolutely adore this nursery. I love how unique the animals are used in the space. The giraffe decal in a floral print is simply fabulous!

Love the color palette in this room. This is a great way to design a nursery/guest room combo if you are tight on space. The color palette is gender neutral and won't make your guest feel like they are sleeping in a nursery.

Love, Love, Love! The ceiling is amazing. Don't be afraid to use color on the ceiling.

Again, look at the ceiling. AWESOME!

Very cool and modern crib that the child can grow into.
I love how rustic and simple this nursery is.

Beautiful bedding

Very peaceful and serene color palette.

This nursery is so luxurious. This is like the Mercedes of nurseries.

This is absolutely amazing. Designing a custom piece like this really allows you to make the most out of your storage. The mirror/changing table is such a genius idea.

Any mothers dream!


Designing for Multiples: Baby 1, Baby 2......Baby 3?

Designing a nursery for multiples can be quite challenging. Here are several examples on how to arrange furniture and make gender neutral spaces.

Love the "cool factor" vibe that this nursery give off. Notice the twin bed behind the cribs. Perfect for a guest, preferably a child.

Why do the whole nursery in a gender neutral color palette. Do both! This works out nicely because the room is so symmetrical.

Love the names on the cornices above the cribs. Such a cute idea.

This is such a fantastic nursery for 3! I think the lighting is so cool above the cribs. How lucky to have such a large room for 3 little boys to play in.

This is a great way to layout 3 cribs if you are tight on space. Cute color scheme.

Love the alphabet in delicate patterns above the changing dresser. Also the architectural element above the alphabet is stunning and accentuates the lines of the ceiling.

Vinyl wall decals are amazing! You can put them anywhere and remove cleanly without damaging walls. You can customize your decal or order pre-designed decals.

Kinda funky, not sure what purpose the mesh tents serve over the crib... maybe just decoration?!?!

The floor to ceiling shelving is great. I love how the shelves are not too cluttered. The white walls make the toys the art in the space. Also, the cribs are not your typical shape. Way to think outside the box...

Now, lets take a look at how the celebrities roll.....

Tiffani Thiessen's nursery for baby girl, Harper

Tori Spelling's nursery for baby girl, Stella

Tori Spelling's nursery for baby boy, Liam

Melissa Rycroft's nursery for baby girl, Ava Grace

Jennifer Lopez's nursery for twins, Max and Emme

Christina Aguilera's nursery for baby boy, Max
That "moon" is very frightening! I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

Brook Burke's nursery for daughter Heaven Rain and son Shaya

If you are currently designing or decorating a nursery I would LOVE to see it. Send me pictures! I will post pictures of my sisters nursery when I am done.



dennis said...

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Brandy said...

Love it! So many great ideas. We've come a long way baby, since I had a baby 11 years ago. There were not these many cool products to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Where did you find the picture of the rustic nursery? I love the crib and I can't seem to find where to buy it.

Studio B Designs said...

We believe it is a custom crib. We haven't found one like it either :(

Unknown said...

Love some of these rooms! Just FYI, I believe the net tents above the cribs in the green nursery are used to keep the kids from climbing out. I used to babysit a toddler who could climb out of his crib, but wasn't quite ready for a bed, so they used a similar cover to keep him in.

Anonymous said...

The tents above the cribs may also be used to keep cats out. It can be dangerous if they lay on the baby's face.

salman santo said...

Loving the robot chalkboard sticker. I have boys and they would love this! kids wall decals

Anonymous said...

i just found out i am having twins! i love some of these cribs! would love to know who makes them?? you are a good sister!!

Hailey Bailey said...

I am trying to design my nursery to be classic pooh themed, but not played out generic classic pooh, I want it to be like stepping into the 100 acre woods from a first edition Winnie the Pooh story book with the pastel illustrations... and I am on a serious budget, so we will see what fun creative things I can come up with... I love that mercedes benz of nurseries! the fabric on the ceilings in phenomenal!

Enrichment Centres in Singapore said...

Hmm you guys only do bedrooms? How about enrichment centres and classrooms?

Wall Decal Company said...

The butterflies on the wall look amazing great for a girls room or nursery.

JaimeB said...

anyone know where to find that very modern crib? I'm loving it!!!

kristen stewart said...

I love this site, nice and beautiful crib for newborn baby.

Adams Young said...

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