Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vitamin "B" Boost - Multi-Purpose Rooms

We all want to utilize the space in our homes in an efficient way that helps us get the most out of the room. Unless you have a very large house with rooms for every function imaginable, some of your rooms are going to have multiple purposes. Creating a room for multiple purposes can be a little tricky. Whether it's a large space or a smaller space, accomplishing a cohesive feel and a functional furniture layout is key.

Let's start with larger spaces. Creating a multi-purpose room in a larger space requires some creative furniture layouts. I like to think of setting the room up in vignettes, designating specific areas for specific things. You want the room to still feel cozy and not just like a big space with furniture spread out and about.

One way to accomplish this is to use room dividers. Room dividers can be made from many things.

I love these antique windows that are hung to form a room divider.

This is a great example of using a space for multiple purposes. They used bookshelves to divide the space and create vignettes.

Another example of using a bookshelf as a room divider. These make great room dividers because they break the space up but don't make it feel closed off. There is still some transparency between spaces.

Antique screens make beautiful room dividers.

These hanging screens are a great modern look. You can find these at Velocity Art and Design.

Curtains make great room dividers and add some texture and drama to the space. They are also great because they can be closed to create more privacy or opened for more space.

You can also divide a space simply by the furniture placement. In a large room, try to create smaller areas with furniture grouping.

This is a great example of how furniture placement can create smaller areas for different purposes.

This shows three different seating areas with different purposes. The sofa for lounging or TV viewing, the leather chair for reading (it's close to bookshelf) and the table for game playing or writing. A room with many purposes.

This shows a room with multi-purposes that was planned to be this way. They use architectural details to separate the space into 3 different functions. The stone for the bar, the open game area and the steps down to the movie area.

Let's take a look at some of Candice Olson's fabulous rooms:

Here they built a wall with windows and french doors to hide some of the workout equipment while still having an open feel to the space.

I love this space! She has taken a kids playroom and made it useable to everyone in the family.

These screens mounted to the walls define the different spaces without closing them off. Very creative.

Okay, on the smaller spaces. With a smaller space, functional furniture and creative placement are key to getting the most out of your space.

This is a great way to add a desk or eating area to a room. By putting the bar behind the sofa, they have added another function to the space without taking up too much of the room.

And here is an example of placing a desk behind the sofa. I love the way this looks and utilizes space.

You can also place a very simple desk in a room to create some office space. Just make sure that you keep the desk clean!

This is a good example of placing a simple desk in a multi-purpose room that looks great and stylish. It fits with the design scheme.

If your multi-purpose room needs to have some sleeping area for guests murphy beds and daybeds are great options. Murphy beds don't take up any valuable space when they are put away so you only need to have them down when guests are over.

I love this murphy bed. It is so stylish and when up you wouldn't even know it was there!

Daybeds are great options because they can be styled to look like a sofa and used for seating when there are no guests staying over.

This is a great example of an office and a guest room in one.

Daybeds are very stylish these days!

This room is an office, a guest room and a music room!

Love that daybed!

Daybed from West Elm.

This daybed is awesome and look how they used the screen to create an intimate space and backdrop to anchor the chair.

So creative! How about building in bunk beds into the walls! Kids will love them and they look great in this multi-purpose room!

Using furniture that is made to have multiple uses is a great way to use space efficiently.

This piece is used to break up this tiny apartment. One side is for the TV area and the other for the bedroom.

I love this space! These built-in daybeds are great for storage and when they aren't being used for sleeping make very cool sofas.

Multi-purpose rooms are great! You get the most out of your space when you use it for more than one thing. Just remember that for larger spaces, use room dividers or creative furniture layouts to create smaller vignettes and for smaller spaces, use furniture that has multiple functions and get creative with the placement!

I hope this helps you to have the most efficient use of your space!



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