Thursday, April 14, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - Appropriate Workout Attire

When going to the gym, there are some rules to follow to respect others that are also trying to workout. Rule number one, don't wear strong perfume or cologne. When you sweat, it just makes the scent even stronger and your Gap Blue mixed with gym stink is not a pleasant smell!

Second rule is wear appropriate clothing. Here are some examples of what not to wear to the gym:

Guys, please don't wear spandex!

Poor Ellen, what were you thinking! It looks like your dog got a hold of your workout bodysuit!

Raise your hand if you've done Sweatin' To The Oldies. "Cry, cry, cry if I want to." (*if you've done it you'll understand)

We've come so far, from this.....

to this....

to this. Yikes!

Let's get physical!

Girls, it is not ok to workout in your sports bra. I don't care how fit you are you are only doing it for attention so all the guys in the gym will stare at your chest. Don't do this!!

Pregnant body suits should be outlawed.

Who doesn't own a pair of these nike shorts? They are great for running which is what they are made for. But at the gym, working on need to have something under them or you will end up like this:

too short and riding up. She needs some bikers underneath. Check out these from Athleta!

Oh no, you do not want to be the gym slut. Don't ever wear this, please!

A little too patriotic.

Workout clothes all have different purposes. This skort is for running or tennis, not the gym!

These days are over, thank God!

Not appropriate.

Jazzercise anyone?

So funny, I am sure I don't have to worry about any of you wearing this to the gym.

Ok, so let's look at some more appropriate options:

Cute and appropriate!

You should always have a cute hoodie to throw on after you workout like this one from Adidas.

Adidas workout top. A great loose fitting alternate to spandex.


Athleta yoga clothes

Some really stylish workout clothes.

Gap. I have these running shorts and love them but I would never wear them to the gym without bikers underneath!


Gap workout pants.

Gap workout top.

A loose workout outfit. Comfy.

Great pants from Adidas, not too tight.

Very cute to put a long drapey sweater after you workout to run to the store. Just make sure you don't smell bad because I hate it when I walk by someone at the grocery store who has just worked out and suddenly the fresh produce doesn't seem quite as appetizing.

Old Navy

Old Navy

Old Navy yoga pants, I have three pairs of these and they are fabulous because they come in Talls!

So what do you like to workout in? Me, I am bootcut yoga pant with loose tank top kinda girl! I especially like to wear pants to the gym because I am kind of a germ-a-phobe and I don't like to sit down on the equipment because of all the other people who have sweated on it. Wiping it off with a towel does not kill all the germs!



Anonymous said...

Working out in a sports bra is appropriate. Boobs are just things women have to feed their childrenched. It is something NOT to be sexualized, even I work out in my sports bra. It should be left as a personal choice and it isn't slutty I know several women who workout in their bra. I see no issue if a women wears a fitted sports bra working out, it gets hot and honestly it's more comfortable.

Anonymous said...


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