Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Moving!

Well, if you are a regular follower of our blog you might remember that I posted about a month or so ago that we were expecting an offer on our house. Well, after an excruciating negotiation time, we sold our house, as well as our patio furniture, hanging plants and even the laundry hamper....don't ask!

I had a brief nostalgic period and then got right into packing. I am suddenly obsessed with packing! I love it! I love going through all of our belongings and weeding through all the stuff to decide what to keep and what to garage sell. And then, packing everything up in a nice square box that stacks so nicely on top of all the others. Suddenly, everything is organized!

Before I knew it, I packed our entire upstairs and even had the bed taken apart in the guest room. So if you were planning on coming to visit, might want to re-think that! 

Now, since we aren't actually closing until August 4th, packing all your belongings has begun to post a problem. I had a photo shoot yesterday of a client's bathroom remodel. I was so excited to load the pictures and add that extra punch with photoshop until I realized my camera cord is missing. I am pretty certain that it made it's way into a box. Not only that, but Eric needed me to print off something for him and being the good wife I am I said sure, I will do that for you. Oh but wait, I just remembered, I packed the printer. And the nice paper. So now, my efficiency has turned into in-efficiency due to the fact that I have to go buy a camera cord that I already have! You have no idea how much this drives me crazy. 

Not sure how long we are going to make it before we have to open a box I already packed. And what's worse is that I can hear the downstairs calling my name. The boxes are stacked and my tape gun is loaded and ready to go. I have a feeling I am going to do some serious damage this weekend!



Gina said...

Must have been a fancy hamper! Ha!

Congrats on selling the house and good luck with the move.

Brandy said...

We should take video of you packing. We won't even have to speed it up the way you are moving it'll look like warp speed. I'm an expert packer after moving over 28 times, so if you need advice justt let me know!

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