Thursday, July 14, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??"

Today's "What Were They Thinking" is a little different. Instead of just picking one topic, we are going to cover a variety of things people do that make us all ask ourselves, "What Were They Thinking"?

1. How many times have you been to a restaurant where there are kids running all around the room, and I don't mean Chucky Cheese! I hate it when I am trying to eat and parent's let their kids run around or worse stand up and lean over the back of the booth and just stare at you. I have even had a kid mess with my hair and the parent didn't do anything!

2. When it comes to driving, use your turn signals! How frustrating is it when you are waiting to turn out of a parking lot and a car is slowly approaching and you think, are they turning, are they not, I can't risk it and then they finally turn! If only they would signal for the rest of us on the road and we wouldn't have to wait around for them.

3. Cell phones! There are so many problems with these things. Don't text and drive! It is rude to be on your cell phone at a table. Texting, checking your email or answering a call, just wait until you are finished with your meal.

Another courtesy all too often neglected is being on your cell phone when ordering at a counter or checking out at the grocery store. I have been in the service industry and I know what it feels like to have a customer on the phone when you are trying to help them with their order. This is sooooo rude! Don't do it!
I was at the airport a couple weeks ago and there was a girl on her phone trying to go through security. Well, that TSA agent wasn't going to put up with that and told her she better hang up that phone immediately! If only we could tell people that when they are ordering their turkey sandwiches!

4. Clothing that is too tight! The trend for teenagers and young people right now are jean shorts, or "jorts" that are so extremely tight and short that cheeks are hanging out. These do not look good! Why are mothers letting their girls leave the house like this. I believe they are way too provocative to begin with but on top of that if you are not super thin, these look terrible on you! We can see your thigh dimples and cellulite. We can see all the chair marks on your thighs when you stand up after you've been sitting down for a while. We can see everything, and our eyes are burning!

Hmmm, so many similarities!

5. When building a house, we know it can be hard to stick to a budget. However, don't ever consider putting lesser grade materials on the back of your house than on the rest of it. This looks terrible! We have seen so many houses with expensive stone on the front and two sides only to put up siding on the back. It's looks like you care a lot about what your house looks like to other people on the street but don't have enough money for the whole house so just scrimp on the back. 

6. Wearing age appropriate clothing! I was at the mall the other week and I saw a lady in her 60's wearing short "jorts" a white t-shirt and some gladiator sandals. Her outfit definitely made it look like she was trying too hard to look young. I am all about looking in-style at any age but it has to be done a certain way. There is fine line between dressing cute and stylish and trying too hard to be young and trendy. For instance, I am a lot closer to 30 now than 20 so I am not going to be wearing that denim mini with a tank top like I wore in high school. 

Instead, I might wear something like this:

Trade out the denim mini for a more classic black one and add a striped tee and denim jacket. The heels and bag help dress it and make it look more like a woman in her 30's who knows who she is!

7. When it comes to hair, there are a few things that really bother me. First up, the whole blonde hair with black underneath. I do not think this looks good!

I also can't stand dark hair with blonde streaks in it. This looks so fake! When it comes to my highlights I like them to be as blended as possible.

Awww, poor Kelly. Remember this look?

Next up, feathers. I find it hilarious that fishermen are all up in arms over the recent trend for girls to "feather" their hair. It's driving the price of feathers up and those fishermen aren't too happy. Personally, I like them in a bohemian vibe and when they are the same color as your hair. However, I think there is a time and place for them. I wouldn't be wearing these to a client meeting or anything like that. But on vacation or something, so fun!

Not a fan of the colorful feathers.

 This is more my style. This is definitely a very trendy thing to do so it could border on looking ridiculous. Just remember to use feathers that match your hair and don't wear them in a professional setting. You probably shouldn't really wear them if you are older than mid to late twenties. 

Well, that's all we think of today to rant about. Anything driving you crazy lately?


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