Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Pulp- Are you Form or Function?

Louis Sullivan, Architect said "Form (ever) follows function".  The modernist believed that ornament was unnecessary.  

Example of Modernist Architecture - LeCorbusier -- Villa Savoye

Unlike Frank Gehry's work which is deconstructivism believes that form doesn't have to follow function.
Frank Gehry - LA Disney Hall

I would have to say I am more Form and than Function.  I can't completely throw function out the window, but form is a priority for me.  It has to be beautiful, make a statement, call attention to itself, or whatever I intend it to be because that is more important than the function of the space to me.  Although I do believe that a room needs to be usable and comfortable in most cases.

Here's some examples of Function:

There's a lack of ornament.  The "box" is simple and functional.

Simple functional t-shirt

The Function was the driving force in this design


Here's some examples of Form:

Which came first the chicken or the egg?  The form doesn't take away from the function of the space and but it does makes an impact.

The slanted wall is more form than function but could be both.

Alexander McQueen Shoes- Definitely Form

 Here's some examples of Both:

The jutting eaves do function as protection from weather at the entrance but this design makes a statement!

This is a cool light that is out of the box!

I want this!  It's usable and fun at the same time!

This is a good example of function that is actually form.  The way they lined up the hats by color actually make an interesting design.

Here's some photos to quiz you on- Let us know which you think is Form, Function or Both?

1 - retail store

2 - office

3 -lofts

4- office reception

5- Anthropologie Savoy Quilted Jacket

Comment and let us know if you are Form or Function? Or what your philosophy is? And take the quiz! ~Brandy


Studio B Designs said...

Answers according to Brandy:
1- Form- it's a shoe store and the design is for impact.
2- Both form and function- the ceiling panels are decorative and used to control sound.
3- Both- Cool exterior design
4- Both - The desk makes a statement but yet functional
5- Both - Cool and keeps you warm

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