Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Pulp - Double D Ranch Grill & Bar in Tyler, Texas

Double D Ranch Grill & Bar is coming to Tyler.  This is a restaurant like Hooters, Twin Peaks, etc.  Voluptuous women serving burgers, wings and beer.  This is their description on Facebook "For those who have an appreciative eye, a thirst for cold beer and a hunger for bold flavors. Watch your favorite game on our big screen TVs!"  Here's a link to their website and you will see what I mean.

Many women, especially moms are upset by this and plan to boycott in their own way.  I have gotten emails and seen the controversy on the news.  Obviously this restaurant is geared toward men and normally I am fine with that.  I think a new establishment in Tyler is a good thing, however, the location of this particular restaurant is a big problem.  It is in the Toys R Us and Babies R Us parking lot, across the street from the high school and the kids dance studio is behind it.  It's surrounded by children.  I can tell you, many moms are not happy about this at all!  

The rumor is that Toys R Us owns the property and are allowing them to put this restaurant there.  Anything to make a buck even compromise the innocence of children.   I personally won't eat there and will drive to Target and Walmart for toys.  I have a boy so it may be an issue when he gets to high school but luckily for now I can just avoid that area.  Being I'm not their demographic, I don't know how much effect my avoidance will have.

Will this controversy blow over, will it always be an issue every time you drive by and see it?  So the question is...How does having a restaurant like this affect a community?  What are your thoughts and what would you do?   ~Brandy


Anonymous said...

Shut 'em down!

DD's suck, in many different ways, and all the time!

Anonymous said...

If the food is good, I don't care who serves it. Their uniforms are certainly not showing anything. It is time for Tyler to grow up.

Anonymous said...

I and pretty much everyone I know will not eat there or shop at Toys R Us either. Not sure if will make a difference but it's what I can do. I care what my waitress is wearing. People have no modesty anymore and having two son's trying to raise them proper and to have respect for women, especially when women have no respect for themselves.I have lost a little respect for Tyler.

Anonymous said...

Sure the location is a little controversial, aside from being right next to Toys R Us it's right across the street from a very large High School, but a restaurant like this was going to appear in Tyler soon or later, so people really need to grow up. I'm also here to tell you that boycotting this place will do no good because if it opens I project it will be very successful just like all restaurants of this nature; the targeted audience is pretty big and will deliver substantial revenue. People are acting as if kids are going to be exposed to the questionable nature of the venue, but seriously you actually have to walk inside to see anything; all you can see from the outside is the sign, so it's not like little kids are going to be seeing the half naked waitresses. In my honest opinion this opposition is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Good grief people! It's a country themed sports bar. If you were in Branson or Dollywood you would take the family and talk about how fun it was all year. A generation ago, people were claiming to be saving our community from evil also. Of course back then they dressed in white robes and hoods to do it. Just because you wrap yourself in the bible and burn a cross in someones yard dosen't make you a good christian. The grand wizzard thought he was saving his community too.

Anonymous said...

So just curious, but do you also have a problem with Clicks, The Pub, or any of the other bars/restaurant locations in Tyler? Because I can guarantee you that there are women there dressed about the same (if not in less!) daily.

Studio B Designs said...

I personally don't have a problem with those kind of restaurants or bars but I do have a problem with the location of this particular one. Brandy

Studio B Designs said...

I would have to disagree with some of the comments. Yes it is a country themed sports bar but from the pictures of the waitresses online, they are selling more than just drinks and food. I actually think it's sad that we use women dressed slutty to sell food. It is degrading to women and I just wish the women working here would see that. I am not boycotting anything but I won't ever go eat at a place that uses women's body parts to sell me hamburger.

As far as being a "good Christian", yes it is very true that there are hypocritical people who call themselves Christians but know nothing about the love and grace of Jesus Christ. No one can "save" a community by boycotting things. Christ is the only one who can save someone and that person has to be ready to receive His Grace. It's not by anything that you do but by His power alone that any of us are saved. People will want to know Christ by watching your everyday life and your actions, not by what you boycott or by terrorizing people that you think are wrong.

We are called to love people the way Christ did. There is a big difference between loving people and tolerating their sin. We are not called to tolerate sin, we are called to love the person. And just because I am a Christian, doesn't mean I don't sin anymore. It just means that I recognize it, repent from it, and Christ's blood washes me clean. Then with the grace of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit I sin less because I know the love of Christ.

Kinda off on a tangent but basically I think most things in our culture use sex to sell stuff and I choose not to participate. You can't choose for other people, you can only choose for yourself.


Daniel said...

So this is what I predict will happen: Whiney Christians in Tyler will get their panties in a bunch because the uniforms of the women show lots of skin.... boohoo... Eventually, the restaurant will open as scheduled. When this happens, like it does with every other restaurant in Tyler, the restaurant will be packed for a couple of months. After that, people will be over it. People won't be talking about how slutty the girls are dressed, they'll be talking about how the food isn't that spectacular, but their beer specials make it worth going. Oh, and it will stay in business. Like it or not, Tyler is a town with lots of college students who will go there every friday and saturday night. If you really want to put them out of business, open up a better restaurant that serves the same clientele.

Dewayne said...

Tyler needs to come into the 21st century.People are griping about the way the waitresses dress,but go to the mall on the weekends and you see teenage girls walking around with a lot less on,and most are probably the kids of the people who are complaining the most.Double D's should go before the city council,give the mayor and her cronies a little money,and they will be allowed to open with no problem.

Bob said...

You probably ought to update your slam on Toys-R-Us, since they are the ones that have prevented this restaurant from opening and offending all the South Tyler prudes... Guess they got what they wanted. It's not like we really needed yet another boring chain restaurant in this town -- but at least this one wasn't yet another mexican joint.

Anonymous said...

There wouldn't be near the controversy had the owners/renters had some taste and opened up on the outskirts of town next to the strip clubs. They would probably get more business there. Near a toy store and across the street from a high school is just asking for trouble. Personally, I hope they get what they want and then get shut down for some other more innocuous reason. Restaurants are a dime a dozen here. The "view" as they call it will eventually get old like everything else.

Studio B Designs said...

Update: According to KLTV, the judge ruled in favor of Toys R Us. Toys R Us asked the judged to grant an injunction that would keep the restaurant from:

-using the name "Double D" or "DD" Ranch on or in association of the property

-using the horseshoe logo on the property or in association with the property

-employing wait staff in "scantily clad" or "semi nude"

-continuing with alterations to the property without Toys R Us's consent

That injunction was granted.

The order doesn't prohibit a restaurant from opening, just not a Double D Ranch.

A trial has been set for November 28.

I think a jury will let the restaurant open. I'm glad Toys R Us took notice of this happening in their front yard, still I wonder if they got caught allowing it to happen and then once all hell was raised by the Moms out there (Dads too) they back tracked and claimed they didn't know what DD was up to. Maybe they weren't doing their due diligence in being property owners or maybe DD really did try to be deceptive in their dealings with Toys R Us by being vague in their communications. I can see both sides and I wasn't privy to the testimony nor the truth so It's just hypothetical. What do you think? ~ Brandy

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with the restaurant, just the location. I mean I like checking out a nice rack as much as the next girl, but not in the Toys R Us parking lot. I mean really in this economy how can a new business be a negative thing? It is creating jobs, where else can a girl who thinks she is too good to strip gonna make the kind of tips she will clear here. Sure it's only half the money she could make as a stripper, but she only has to get half naked. A new business like this is also creating jobs for cooks, and busboys and dishwashers. All of whom will be excited to go to there job every day & we all know how hard it is to find satisfaction in your job. And every patron will get superb service, because all the emplyees know that they chose to come ogle those double d's instead of actually choosing a place that has good food. So don't worry all you married sea donkeys your husband will check it out, & have a young scantilly clad waitress call him sugar or Hun, but he is coming home to you, having stimulated more than just our local economy!

Xavier said...

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brittney bush said...

Its amazing to me how so many people were against us! I was the "first" DDs girl at the very first opening in Jackson , Tn. We provided a great atmosphere, fun, drinks, we had bands come and play, kids were even taking pics with us. Granted our uniforms were a bit on the revealing side but we were really no different than Hooters. The city made us sound as if we were a strip club full of prostitutes. That was far from the case! Believe it or not we were just a bunch of the "most beautiful" girls in the city in one spot serving drinks and food. Wre we supposed to apologize for being beautiful, having on flawless makeup and bodies toned like fitness trainers? I dont think so? The crazy part about it is EVERYONE came in DDs! City counselmen, judges, lawyers, doctors and if u needed ya favorite professor was possibly there too! We didnt just entertain the men. Women loved coming in as well. So the only people that had a problem with us were INSECURE ASS WOMEN WHO COULDNT KEEP THEIR MEN SATISFIED!!!!

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