Thursday, July 28, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - Crafts Gone Bad

Raise your hand if you have a glue gun at home. I've got a few and I love to get crafty every now and then. There is something very relaxing about working with your hands and creating something from scratch. I've made some really cool things and some really horrible things too. Not every thing comes out looking the way it did in my head and sometimes it was just a bad idea in the first place.

There is a place for craft projects in your home. They can be a great way to get the look of something more expensive by being creative with your materials and using a little elbow grease. However, there's also a point where things become too "crafty". You don't want every thing hanging on the wall being some form of craft project you attempted. You need to mix in some other pieces as well. Same goes for furniture. One hand-painted design on a bench can be cute, but don't paint birds on everything!

Before beginning a craft project, there are two questions you should ask yourself. 1. Is this REALLY a good idea. 2. Can I REALLY accomplish this successfully?

Here are some craft projects gone bad:

Upside down plants covered in fabric? This project was not a good idea.

Kinda cute if it's a kid's craft for Christmas but a little cheesy if it's not made by the kids. 

This is a really great idea that was just executed poorly. The pictures look great but the placement is bad. Needs to be re-hung. 

Do you paint birds on things? This could be cute but the colors are all wrong and the execution isn't great. Not a very good paint job on those branches.

Mirrored hearth? This looks terrible! Especially with that brick, it's very obvious someone was trying to "dress up" their fireplace on their own. This is a bad idea and bad execution.

What in the world are these people thinking? Gluing every bead and marble found in your house to the wall is a very bad idea.

This is just ugly, bad idea.

Here's a better idea for a craft project with those books.

Do not cover your fridge in paper. This is bad idea. It looks super "crafty" and only draws even more attention to the ugly fridge.

A better idea is the make the fridge a message board with chalkboard paint.

Hmmm, this could be a cute idea to hang a wreath in a frame, but the execution is done poorly.

This is a creative idea but super bad execution. This just looks like a bunch of trash piled up on the ceiling!

Now here are a couple really great craft projects that were both great ideas and great execution:

Bathroom storage solution from mason jars. 

Really cool DIY art piece. 

I love this globe painted in chalkboard paint. This could be a great learning tool for your kids to teach them countries!

Simply wrapping fabric around a canvas is a great idea but the execution needs to be spot on. It needs to be wrapped tightly with no wrinkles and the fabric needs to be lined up really straight.

Framing fabric in simple frames is another easy DIY wall art project.

So what about you? Have you had any craft projects gone bad? I know I have! I once tried to repaint a chair and it just came out looking terrible. All kinds of drip marks and brush marks. I am not good at painting furniture and I've learned to accept that.



Anonymous said...

I have purchased a Irises poster12"x36" would like to frame it ! Any ideas? Thought about a couple dark not sure color? but placemats glued together& place the poster on them????

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