Monday, September 19, 2011

We're Back!!

Eric and I just got back from a wonderfully relaxing vacation and I just have to share it with you! We went to Martha's Vineyard dahling and it was simply divine.

We ended up flying into Providence and staying the night at the NYLO Hotel before catching the ferry in the morning. Here's a look at the awesome NYLO Hotel.

 Very cool built-in platform bed and hanging side lights instead of the typical lamp.

The coolest part was the shower. It's a curved frosted glass wall. And I loved the barn door to the bathroom except it needed a little WD40 because it was hard to pull. 

A closer look at the platform bed and the cool acrylic side tables. 

 The Hotel Lobby which they called the "Library"

Very cool furniture!

A not so good shot of the front desk but I wanted to get the lamps around the desk because I love them! They are the Kartell Bourgie lamps. 

Ok now off to the vineyard:

 Pulling into the harbor at Oak Bluffs

 I loved all the ponds everywhere and the blowing reeds. 

We rented a car and drove to the famous light house at Aquinnah and to see the cliffs. 

Paid the $5 to climb to the top of the light house.

 Had some fun with the light at the top!

Here's a shot of the light house and the cliffs from farther away.

 We bought some seafood at a shack called the Bite and walked over to eat it at the beach and watch the sunset. 

The next day we drove all over the island in a little yellow convertible mini that we named "the bumble bee" because that's what it sounded like when we tried to gain speed to pass all the bikers. 

We saw a parking lot to a private residents only beach at Lambert's Cove and decided to take our chances and see it. We followed a sandy path all through the woods until we came upon this....

A beautiful shot of a pond and a little bit farther...

A beach! It was so beautiful and secluded however we didn't stay long fearing that the bumble bee would get towed.

We had to stop at the Black Dog Tavern, but the wait was an hour and half so we settled for a cinnamon twist from the Black Dog Bakery instead. 

Stopped at a little harbor filled with sail boats.

I love the architecture on the island!

Another shot of a pond, "fisherman's pond" to be exact.

Tom Clancy's house. 

The famous carousel, oldest running carousel in the US!

The horses had creepy glass eyes.

But we still had fun!

The next day we rented bikes and rode down to Edgartown. Again, I love love love the architecture!

Can I live here please!

A beautiful light house we stumbled upon, I love not having an itinerary.

Nice person stops to take our picture with the light house....

so we don't just have pictures like these in our photo albums. 

What good looking line-up

A quaint path between a pond and the ocean to see the light house. 

We like to be crazy. 

And then we hung out on the beach for a while where it was very windy and we got nice and sunburned. We just wanted to empathize with all the lobster. 

An early dinner on the roof top overlooking the harbor. 

This was the best meal of the trip! Lobster Quesadilla, more please!

And can't forget that shrimp and scallop scampi.

All in all it was a fantastic trip! Our second to be booked and planned only the week before it's time to leave. Are we spontaneous or what!? Gotta love my husband who doesn't mind hopping on a plane to wherever I want to go at a moment's notice. 

Do you like last minute trips or are you the planning type? Where's the best place you have traveled to? I need some ideas for next week! ;)


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