Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fresh Squeezed - Lights Fantastic

I have been searching for light fixtures for clients and I have run across some cool fixtures!  Check these out ....

These NUD Classic Pendants come is all sorts of cord colors.  They would look very cool if you hung a bunch over a table or kitchen island.

The Jeeves Pendant by Innermost.  This is so whimsical and dramatic.  I would hang it over a bar.

Lui' Suspension by SLAMP- This light would be purely decorative.  It will make great patterns on the walls. http://www.lumens.com/Lui-Suspension-by-SLAMP/uu327814/product

I love these pendants!  They come in black and now white!  

Barbara Cosgrove Pendants.  I want those over my island.  Just enough modern and traditional.

I have this in my entry!

These are going into my guest room on either side of the bed to free up table space. 

3-Form has lighting you can purchase or they will do anything custom.  

Just a small sampling~Brandy