Thursday, September 29, 2011

What were they thinking Thursday? Blow Bars

They were thinking Brilliant!!  Blow Bars are a type of hair salon that wash/blow/style your hair no cuts or colors.  You can go in and have your hair styled and some offer scalp massage.  It sounds like heaven to me!!  There are those days when your hair just won't cooperate and how cool it would be to go have it done and be out in 45 minutes.  What if you felt like a braid or curls one day? 

See this article from the wall street journal

I always feel like it's awkward to make an appointment for a style unless it's a special occasion.  I feel like I have to get a cut or color to go to a salon.  That's why this idea is awesome!  Salons could make more money if they offered this service, especially if you can walk-in or make an appointment in the same day.  I would spurge on this.  There is nothing more relaxing than for someone to wash and blow dry your hair and I would always opt for a scalp massage (who could turn that down?)  A glass of wine and chick flick and I might never do my own hair!

Here's some examples of Blow Bars

There is a Dry Bar in Dallas so I am going to have to go try it!

Here's some inspirational pictures to get your scalp tingling...

Who wouldn't want to look like this everyday?

Petition your local salon to add this brilliant concept to their services!  ~ Brandy