Thursday, November 3, 2011

What were they thinking Thursday? Cheap and Fast

I was watching Bath Crashers on the DIY network ( and it reminded me of how misleading these design shows are about how long it takes to do a remodel.  Matt says "bring your friends and family to start demo tomorrow".  The supposed "next day" the weather is completely different.  The next day is most likely 3 weeks later.  It takes that long to order glass shower doors.  They have to measure, order materials and they can't do that in 12 hours overnight.  It takes time to build and install too!  It doesn't happen in 2 days like they make it seem.

Don't get me wrong a remodel can happen fast depending on the size if all materials are on site and you have a crew that works around the clock (which you have to pay overtime).  So, cheap and fast can't happen simultaneously.  Typically, if you are willing to wait it will cost less, especially if you do the work yourself.  If you want it done fast, then it will cost more, overnighting materials and paying crews overtime.  These shows give the public the wrong impression of how long and expensive these remodels can be.  Read our other blog on designing on a dime.

Keep in mind, it's more expensive and takes longer than you think.  Even I am surprised every now and then! Brandy