Thursday, November 10, 2011

What were they thinking Thursday? Plants gone wild

I have noticed in many pictures from interiors magazines that they have gone a bit crazy with the styling of the rooms.  Especially Elle Decor, their stylist loves to put a over sized limb or leaf in every room.  While this is great for a beautiful photograph, it is not that practical for everyday life.  Use caution when trying to implement this idea of over-scaled foliage in your home.....

The stove might set the leafy branch on fire!

Love the room but I am afraid this branch might put an eye out.

I certainly love this large leaf plant in the corner compared to your typical plant.  The arrangement on the mantle protrudes into the room a bit too much.

The arrangement on the coffee table won't stand a chance with a kid in the house!

This is beautiful, dramatic and out of the way so bravo on this design!

The arrangement on the table is a nice size for drama without being too large.

This oversize foliage really brings the outdoors in, it seems to blur the division of the wall.  Very well designed.

The foyer table needs a dramatic arrangement like this.  This room is just a bit off symmetry, which I find disturbing.  The picture on the left should be hung at the same center as the one one the right.  The small vase on the table is pointless and you might as well center the large vase on the table to complete the symmetry.


Any other ideas about what magazine stylist put in a room that is not practical?  Send in your comments!! ~ Brandy


NJ Contractor said...

The plants are definitely interesting! And different than most of the plants you see in most homes in middle-class New Jersey! But they do look very elegant and add a sophisticated touch. Thanks for sharing!

lisa said...

love the chair but placement seems awkward.
Hate the tablecloth, exposed wood would be much better.
arrangement on table feels a bit contrived..
Art is cool and well proportioned for table but I'd hang it lower.

Kayce Threadgill said...

You are right on point! I can just see my 5 year old tip toeing around the obtrusive table arrangements! They are definetly getting "wrecked" (her way of saying "ruined")

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