Monday, December 5, 2011

Hand Squeezed - Mirror Christmas Tree

WOW!! How time flies!  I feel like Christmas is tomorrow and I'm super behind.  I have been very busy decorating for Christmas at a client's office (I will have photos soon).  Finally, I had time this past weekend to decorate my own house for Christmas.  I decided to do something completely different and I only had a limited budget and limited time so I had to get creative.  I thought it would be cool to use mirrors that would reflect candlelight.  But I didn't want to do your standard large mirror on my mantle, so I came up with using mirrors in the shape of a tree.  I feel like it's a work in progress and by the time I get it right in two years, I'll change again!!  Here's how I did it....

Sorry about the pictures.  I had to use my iPhone and there was very little light.  Oh well, now I need to find new stocking holders and buy some antique mercury glass for next year's decoration.  I want it too look more abundant than it does now.  A good tip is .... to take pictures of your decorations, so that you can remember what you have if you want to buy something for next year or plan something new.  Also take pictures of the new decorations you buy on sale after the holidays so you don't forget 10 months later.

Happy Holiday Decorating! ~ Brandy


Anonymous said...

Great Concept!! Love it!!

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