Thursday, May 13, 2010

What WERE They Thinking Thursday? - Gas Station Restrooms

I mean come on; it’s just ridiculous of how gross and disgusting they are! You know when you are on that trip to visit family, you have the best places to stop mapped

out, tried and true but then you have an emergency and you can’t wait till the designated stop. These stops are pre-selected because of the restrooms! You would think the gas stations would realize they could make more profit by having really nice and clean restrooms. We would hang out longer in a cleaner place just to be out of the car. Also, It’s just good etiquette to make a purchase when you use someone’s restroom, unless of course it was horrible then you feel like they should pay you. Plus many of you probably have an over efficient Husband like mine, who makes sure the stop includes multiple tasks to minimize the stop time to get us back in the race. So getting gas, snacks, dinner and restroom break usually happens at the same location. Some of the gas stations have finally wised up to this and have been partnering with Sub-way, Pizza Hut, etc. Still there are way too many gas stations with such pitiful restrooms. They should follow what gas stations like Buc-ee’s in Lake Jackson, Texas is doing. One stop family friendly shop!


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