Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Summer Intern: Get to know Samantha

Me and my best friend at her wedding this summer

Hi everyone! I'm Samantha Howes. I was born and raised in Longview, Tx. I am currently a senior attending Abilene Christian University, working towards a degree in Interior Design with a focus in business. I am so excited to be interning in Tyler at Studio B and looking forward to learning a lot.

A few interesting facts about me:
-When I was 10 I invented a device for handicapped children, received an award for it, and a patent.
- At the age of 18 I started going grey. I dye my hair all the time now, and the color is constantly changing.
-I want to learn how to stunt drive cars like in the movies, just so I can say I can do it .
- I dream of winning an Oscar for acting, its my goal in life.

I love : Making crafts, baking, movies (new and old), music, dancing , acting, diet coke, chocolate, pink nail polish, shoes, sephora, and juicy couture.

My pledge class: I am a member of Ko Jo Kai at ACU

I have two dogs:Charlie a shih tzu and Lucy a poodle, they are my babies!


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