Thursday, June 3, 2010

What were they thinking? Thursday - Too "matchy-matchy"

Ok, on this post we wanted to point out when a home can become too "matchy-matchy". Your bedroom, living room, or dining room should not look like you just walked into a furniture showroom. We've shown you just a few examples. While some of these may be nice pieces in and of themselves, they are too overwhelming and extremely uncreative when paired in a complete room set.

Why not get a little more creative? Let your personality show! I guarantee you if you open any design magazine you will never find an entire room layout in exact matching furniture. (Because it is boring & safe!) If you hired an interior designer to create a space for you, would you not be disappointed if every piece was from the same store? Don't do the same to yourself! Be careful not to get into a "safe zone" of shopping at the same places. Everything will start to look the same. Don't be afraid to explore a new store, use something in a new or creative way, or refinish antiques. The more unusual the piece, the more it is unique to you and expresses yourself!

The "mix-matched" rooms:
This bed is unique in and of itself. The bench at the end of the bed looks antique and left to look old and worn. The two bedside tables are more modern and in a darker color, which makes the room more up to date and less "cottagy". A great mix of pieces!

What a great upholstered headboard, the shape and fabric are extremely unique! Paired with brighter yellow night stands and an antique fabric upholstered bench. The mix of furniture pieces and fabrics is truly unusual yet creative.

This next room is so original and inspiring! Don't be afraid to paint pieces like this bright orange headboard that pops off of the white wall. The white walls, chandelier, lamp shades, bed skirt, and end tables add a calmness to the mix-match of bright fabrics and other pieces which allows it to all work together.

And next is an extremely modern, clean lined room. It uses a mostly simple and natural color palette, with a pop of a limy-greenish-yellow color on two stream lined night stands. What a pop! Talk about adding personality and pizzazz.

I hope that these rooms are inspiring and get your own "creative juices" flowing. Just think, what do you want your bedroom to say about you?

Food for thought!
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- Cassie Watson


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