Friday, July 22, 2011

Feeling Blue

We are considering buying a house to flip. I found the perfect one, it's a super cute 1940's bungalow. So we actually made an offer the other night and I just couldn't sleep. My brain was going a mile a minute and I just couldn't shut it down. I kept thinking of all these great ideas of what I could do to fix the house up. After two Tylenol PM, I finally dozed off at 3:30 am only to wake up at 6 when my alarm went off.

So, I guess you could say that I am feeling pretty tired and blue today. My eyes feel like they have 10 pound weights attached to them so excuse me while I pick my eyelids up off the floor. My brain hurts from being in overdrive so I couldn't really think of anything clever to blog about today. I just thought, I am feeling very blue today, aha, blue, I can run with that.

So here it is, some really blue rooms. Yes, we are not going very deep today, but hey, everyone loves blue right? I opt for appealing to masses over controversial criticism.

There are so many different beautiful shades of blue represented in this picture. From French Terry to Robin's Egg. I just love them. Are you feeling like your house could use a little blue?


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