Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pining for a Bungalow

As most of you know, Eric and I are moving to the Dallas area soon. I really have my heart set on a Craftsman Bungalow for our next house.

After living the past couple months in less than 1,000 sq. ft. in my parent's boathouse, it's made us both realize how we really don't need a lot of space. I used to think that I wanted a 4 bed, 3.5 Bath with office and two living spaces house. Well, that's just too much to clean! I really like the coziness of our place right now.

I have always loved craftsman bungalows and so today I just wanted to show you some of my dream spaces for our next place. I think a little bungalow would be just perfect for us!

Can I live here please!

Love the front landscaping. I like it when your flower beds look more wild than planned. 

So cute!

I could sit our here with some coffee for hours!

Love the yellow front door!

Love Love Love this!

Not only do I love the exteriors of craftsman bungalows with their big front porches and square columns, but the insides are to die for too. 

The typical craftsman fireplace with built-ins on both sides and those little windows at the top. I am drooling on my keyboard right now. 

I love painted built-ins and I must say these are some really well accessorized shelves. 

Look, they are all ready for me to move in!

This is more original looking with all the dark wood. It's gorgeous but my personal preference is to paint it white to really lighten the space up. 

Love Love Love! Very cute chalkboard wall. See with a bungalow, you can really have fun with bright colors and cottagey things. I love it!

I also love all the wainscoting and built-ins in Craftsman Bungalows. 

Not to mention the stained glass.

Love the columns!

I really like all the white. I like how it keeps the vintage feel but makes it feel more modern. 

Love this!

With a bungalow, you really have to utilize all your space. These built-ins are great for storage and look awesome!

Now off to the kitchen:

This is my absolute favorite. I love these stairs and give me a farmhouse sink and I'm happy!

A more traditional craftsman kitchen. So cute! Love the old stove. 

However, I am biased to a white kitchen. I love how clean and fresh it feels.

Gotta have some built-in seating in the kitchen. Great for family breakfasts or just chatting over a cup of coffee. 

This is fabulous! Love the green cabinets and the bead board behind the glass fronts. 

So, if you can't tell yet, I am obsessed right now with Craftsman Bungalows! And now I petition you to find me one in the Dallas area! I am not made of money so it needs to be affordable and it's okay if it needs some of my elbow grease. Comment if you know of anything! 




David S said...

Did y'all end up moving to Dallas? We live here and I LOVE Bungalows, and we have been house-hunting for the past year.

Unfortunately, I really haven't seen ANY bungalows here. Just lots of ranch, ranch, ranch with some very faux European village-style McMansions for new construction.

Studio B Designs said...

No Jessica ended up staying in Tyler (great for me!). She suggested you look at the following neighborhoods :Winnika heights, M Streets, Munger Place (a bit iffy) and Historic McKinney. Happy House Hunting!

Anonymous said...

A girl after my own heart. I also have a passion for the craftsman bungalow, for both the interior and exterior. I would be happy to live in any of the ones you posted. Just as you mentioned, for me the white rules over the traditional dark woods!!! Bungalow Love!!!!

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Diane Boehm said...

Hi there!

My husband and I just purchased a bungalow and are looking to find the right gray to match our oak hardwoods that we stained with an english chestnut stain. I saw your photo of the light gray next to the oak hardwoods. By chance, do you know what color gray that is? I stumbled upon your blog and fell in love with that color! Thanks for your help!


Amy said...

I have a beautiful bungalow home with original woodwork and arches and built-ins but I have no idea how to position the furniture!! So, keep the pictures coming. I've lived here for 5 years and still can't figure it out!

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